Our Meals

The Elderberry Kitchen goes a step beyond the Fresh Apron type of services. Not only do we select the meals and shop, we also do all the prep work for you. Many meals are heat and serve and others that benefit from a single cooking (such as fish) come with clear, easy directions for a truly homemade taste with little fuss.



A Local Solution

One of the complaints about the Blue Chef type of services is the waste. The boxes and the insulating materials and the ice packs needed to keep your food safe as it travels across the country to you is far from sustainable. Having a local small business prepare your meals not only tastes great, it works for the planet, too.




With convenient drop off locations, and more in the works, your meals are never very far away. We are open to new drop off locations in Boone and Blowing Rock. If you are a business owner (or know one) and would like to become a drop off location, please contact us: Amy@ElderberryServices.com. It just might bring a few new customers into your store.



Considering herself a “canary” in the proverbial coalmine, Amy has overcome two chronic conditions with diet and lifestyle changes. In the summer of 2015 she undertook the 30-day experience of the Myer’s Way Autoimmune Protocol diet. She was disappointed at her progress and turned to eating Paleo with great success. As all her lab work came into normal range her energy and health returned as well. Realizing the amount of time and effort it took in the kitchen to follow a Paleo diet, the concept of The Elderberry Kitchen was formed

Owner Amy Stamey caters a Paleo party at a Crossfit gym. Pecan-crusted chicken tenders, coconut chicken tenders, sweet potato salad, and coleslaw.





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